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Paragon Creative – SAW The Ride & Horror Maze, Thorpe Park

In March 2009, Merlin Entertainments opened the worlds first horror themed rollercoaster; SAW: The Ride at Thorpe Park, England. Based upon the incredibly successful Lionsgate film franchise, this intense rollercoaster experience recreates the look, feel and terror of Jigsaw and his diabolical traps. 

Paragon Creative were commissioned to bring this intense attraction to life through extensive theming to the ride building’s exterior and surrounding area. As well as theming and props within the queue, load/unload platform and the dark ride portions of the attraction. Theming included an array of deadly traps as well as the unfortunate victims caught within, a set of large scale rotating razor blades, a disgusting dirty toilet complete with corpses that sprayed blood at the passing rollercoaster car as well as theming the ride building exterior to give it the look of a run down industrial warehouse.

Our team worked closely with Merlin Studio’s design team and built all works at our workshops in York before installing on site at the park as the public keenly awaited details on the secretive attraction.

Paragon was delighted to be able to work with such a successful film franchise and accurately recreate key iconic scenes from the series.

Candy Holland, Creative Director – Resort Theme Parks at Merlin Entertainments said: “SAW The Ride was an extremely exciting project, being the first horror themed rollercoaster ever created. It was important for Merlin Studios to work with a theming company that could accurately deliver our designs and creative intent. It is shocking and intense…both physically and psychologically. So go on…face your fears…if you dare.”

One year after opening the groundbreaking SAW: The Ride, Thorpe Park decided to expand the brand’s presence in the park in new twisted and terrifying ways. 

The SAW Alive Horror Maze is Britain’s scariest horror mazes, plunging guests straight into the Lionsgate horror movie franchise and forcing them to fight for their lives and escape the diabolical traps set by the twisted serial killer Jigsaw. 

Guests pass through the iconic toilet scene from the movies featuring Britain’s smelliest urine and encounter an array of Jigsaw’s victims in his iconic torture traps including the controversial electric tunnel scene. 

Paragon Creative created the theming, show-sets and props for this innovative and immersive horror maze which has terrified countless guests and now features as a main attraction at Thorpe Park’s annual Fright Nights Halloween event.

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