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Polar Adventure, Hong Kong

Polar Adventure, Hong Kong

Ocean Park is a premier Hong Kong destination; combining theme park venues, thrill rides, and live animal exhibits. The new exhibits include two new visitor experiences and a state of the art thrill ride.

The North Pole building features a 1 million gallon sea water habitat for marine mammals. The South Pole building simulates the sea ice of the Antarctic Ocean and features a labyrinth of watery tunnels where penguins are visible beneath visitor’s feet. Children play in the frigid Ice Room, restaurant diners view penguins ‘flying’ underwater, and hands-on interactive offer fun educational opportunities.

TYPE: Aquarium Exhibit

STATUS: Opened 2012

CLIENT: Ocean Park

ANIMALS: Walrus, Seals, Beluga Whale, King, Gento, and Rock Hopper Penguins

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