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Rainforest Falls, Buffalo NY

Rainforest Falls, Buffalo NY

The most significant project to date in the on-going reconstruction of the Buffalo Zoo, the new $16 million, 18, 000 square foot tropical exhibits are sheltered within a technologically advanced building with an EFTE roof for maximum animal and plant health.
The focal point of the exhibit space is a naturalistic rock work plateau, which simulates the isolated “tepuis” of Venezuela. A 30 foot tall thundering waterfall evokes Angel Falls, the world’s highest free-falling waterfall on Mt. Auyantepui.

TYPE: Indoor Tropical Forest Exhibits

STATUS: Opened 2008

CLIENT: Buffalo Zoo

ANIMALS: Dwarf Caiman/Ocelot/Tamandua, Anteater, Squirrel Monkey, Anaconda, Piranhas, Vampire Bats, Insects, Arachnids, and Amphibians

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