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Science of Survival

With the UAE having one of the biggest carbon footprints in the world, this educational exhibition is designed to help children consider new ideas for the Emirate’s ecological future.

As well as integrating audio visual hardware throughout this interactive exhibition, DJW also created a software backbone to collect the results from the games (created by others) and pass them to media producers who build virtual neighbourhoods and cities based on these results. This allows children to see how the choices they make in their lives affect the world that they live in.

Visitors swipe in to each interactive with their RFID ‘Eco tag’ to determine the language for the interactive and record their choices for the final show. In the games, almost every interactive action is different, with an interactive floor surface, relying on infrared sources and camera, touch screens, push buttons, a custom built steering wheel and games where visitors can compete with each other.

For the final show, the ‘neighbourhoods’ created by visitor choices are merged with those of the 9 visitors nearest to them to create an Abu Dhabi in their vision.

This modular exhibition is built so that it can easily be packed and moved as it will be on this site for one year, but it has central control to link all of the elements together.

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