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Water Fight

The Water Fight has been designed to have a small footprint in order to maximise the interaction between riders. It features a track lenght of 145 m and accomodates up to eight beautiful themed boats, each with eight seats while a reliable series of submerged water propulsion pumps moves the boats around the route. Another system moves the boats along in the station section of the ride to allow for safe loading and unloading. Each boat incorporates eight water cannons, one for each passenger, which are suitable for guest of all sizes. The water flow from these is calibrated with an ’interrupt’ element that makes the ’battle’ more interesting and avoid riders becoming too wet. The first Water Fight has been given a pirate theme, with the galleon style boats sailing under the flags of the four Italian Maritime Republics of Middle Ages. The quality of the boats, both in structure and decoration, is of a particularly high standard with exquisitely detailed painting and a fiberglass construction that looks almost like genuine ancient wood. The excellent theming truly enhances the attraction and the experience provided. If you are looking for an interactive wet ride that all the family can enjoy then contact our sales team to find out more about this fantastic funpacked attraction which cab be fully customised to fit the space and theming requirements of your park.

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