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ken bretschneider

Ken Bretschneider Founder, CEO and Chairman Evermore

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Bretschneider is the founder and CEO of Evermore, the groundbreaking immersive theme park in Utah.

An artist and entrepreneur, Bretschneider also founded The Grid and The Void. With 16 global sites in operation and a further 14 on the way, The Void has become a major player in virtual reality out-of-home entertainment. With Evermore, Bretschneider has created an immersive storytelling experience that could serve as a prototype for the theme park of the future

Evermore combines theatrical performance with technology and art as participants role-play in a Gothic-style European village. In addition to its 12 US sites, The Void boasts IP-driven VR experiences in Canada, Malaysia and Dubai. The Grid, Bretshneider’s newest venture, is located next to Evermore. It offers multi-level indoor karting together with arcade games, esports, augmented reality (AR), live entertainment and dining.

But it is Evermore that has pushed the boundaries in theme park design. Bretschneider highlights its appeal: “For one night you can immerse someone into a story and they can feel like they’ve left this humdrum world for a moment and experience some kind of fantastical story-driven experience.”

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