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Emotion Media Factory: 3D HoloPort Attraction in Phoenix City Shopping Complex in Chennai, India

Emotion Media Factory Laserland (EMF) has launched the first 3D HoloPort® attraction in Chennai, India.

The HoloPort®, developed by EMF, is a unique attraction where spectators do not need 3D glasses to see realistic 3D images.

“A Journey to Paradise” is a ten minute, 3D show at “The Magic House” in the Phoenix City Shopping complex in Chennai, India, in iPlay India’s family entertainment zone.

The 3D show was created, developed, produced and implemented by EMF in just 3 months. 

“A Journey to Paradise” tells the story of two teenagers who enter a magic library, from where they are transported into different magical worlds. 

The story has a broad family appeal and offers the audience a unique experience mixing real and virtual with live interaction with real performers and special effects like light, laser, bubbles and fog.

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