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His Dark Materials: My Daemon

To celebrate the launch of His Dark Materials Season 2 and create an engaging user experience for new and existing fans alike, HBO tapped Framestore to build His Dark Materials: My Daemon, an augmented reality (AR) iOS app that lets users discover their very own daemon.

As a first-of-its-kind entertainment app with wellness benefits, My Daemon brings narrative elements from the show into daily life, with their daemon encouraging users to participate in activities that contribute to overall health in mind, body, and spirit. Users make progress in the app by taking part in fitness activities like walking or running as well as self-care, such as taking some time out, breathwork, watching a movie, or reaching out to a friend. My Daemon also integrates with a Watch iOS app to allow users to connect with their daemon through a simplified interface at any time.

Inspired by the series in which daemons are unique to each person, the app features a variety of possible combinations of animal type, skin, fur pattern, and personality, which are determined through a short, visually engaging introductory quiz. Users gradually unlock new AR animations as rewards and can share photos and video of interactions with their daemons to social media feeds.

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