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New game: Jumpball for ValoJump® – also for events and tournaments


It is safe to say that over a year of extensive game development has been well worth it. The end result is a completely different ball game – Jumpball !! With each new product and game we develop, the visitor play-value is never far from our minds. We figured that high satisfaction from the visitors maximises repeatability for our customers. In other words, Jumpball – much like all our original mixed reality games – has been designed to be fun even when played more times than you care to remember!

We are always up for designing games that are fun not only for the players but for the audience as well. This time we took this to the next level: Jumpball has been designed with events and tournaments in mind. The game has all that is needed to knock it out of the park with events: It’s thrilling to watch and powerful and rewarding to play. Learn more.


ValoJump – our automatic and interactive trampoline game platform – comes with several games and training applications. Games contain plenty of different levels pre-installed. All games can be recorded and the players can save them as memory and share with their friends. Our online backend service makes sure that this interactive game platform is constantly and automatically updated. Learn more.

We chose Super Stomp as we really think it’s going to be a game-changer for family entertainment centres and trampoline parks
– Brass Ring Award Committee​


We are happy to say that our products can already be found in over 300+ locations. Our customers include trampoline parks like Sky ZoneJump SquareAltitude Trampoline Park and Big Air. Our products are also popular in FEC’s such as Super Park; fitness clubs like Konami; and hotels and resorts such as Club Med.


ValoJump is a 12/10 product and 100 % worth the investment
Denis Lopatin | Stacja Grawitacja, Trampoline Park

“When the competition got tougher our customer numbers dropped clearly, but once we got ValoClimb, they came right back up again.”
Scott Redd | Sky Zone 

I think ValoClimb is great and so user friendly! We get a lot of usage for it and our members love it.

Michael Bollard | West Wood Club


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