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Suspended Theater™

Combining the creative genius of Falcon’s Treehouse with the A/V expertise of Kraftwerk Living Technologies and the engineering and manufacturing horsepower of Oceaneering Entertainment Systems (OES), the future of immersive 3-D and 4-D Theaters has arrived.  Suspended Theater brings the unique sensation of flight to life in an entirely unique way.  It is simply the most unique theater system available for theme parks and attractions today, bringing to life a reveal experience with surprising results. Capturing thrilling motion sensations with three degrees of freedom, Suspended Theater glides through experiences elegantly and quietly. Soar through amazing landscapes, real or imagined!

OES has engineered this new “WOW” ride system to be elegantly simple, safe and reliable.  Customizable special effects, high capacity, and low operating costs are just part of the story.  Let us show you the incredible journeys your guests can take, and the magic that will bring them back again and again.

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Another way that OES is:  “Helping Storytellers Move Your Audience!”

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