The Giant Ape_ from the concept to the installation. How a dream comes true.

A dream of Mr. Ben Ayed, owner of Carthageland, the main theme park in Northern Africa.

“Let’s have a giant gorilla on top of one of our existing buildings.. and a spinning coaster moving all around it… and an innovative dark ride experience, for our guest to enjoy a full and immersive thrilling experience”..

What sounded like a crazy vision, has finally turned into reality!

EOS has designed and built the Giant Ape Adventure, a complete set featuring the highest animatronic in the world, a 280 long spinning coaster, and a dark ride using VR and video-mapping contents .

Watch this video to discover how it was done!

The Giant Ape Adventure opens to public with an official ceremony on March 18, 2018, at CarthageLand, Hammamet, Tunisia.