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Welcome to the Blooloop 50 theme park influencer list 2018

Entertaining and unforgettable experiences are the lifeblood of the theme park business. The Blooloop 50 Theme Park Influencer List 2018 celebrates some of the key individuals shaping this multi-billion dollar global industry in 2018 and leaving their mark on the 21st century theme park experience.

Working closely with the Omnico Group and our select panel of judges, we have created an exciting list of influencers which draws on the many nominations received from our readers across the world. Our influencers are making waves in all corners of the industry and include a broad range of innovators, entrepreneurs, designers and executives.

The Blooloop 50 is designed to be an industry standard highlighting the most influential people each year. We hope this celebration of the theme park industry influencers inspires discussion across the industry. And remember, if you don’t see your influencer in the list this year, be sure to make a nomination in 2019.

Charles Read, Managing Director, Blooloop
Mel Taylor_Omnico Group blooloop 50 theme park influencers list judge

There is a huge amount of innovation at play in the theme park industry. Behind those innovations are great ideas and influencers who make things happen. In this industry, getting it wrong can be hugely damaging in a very public way.

Beyond having a great idea, you must believe in that idea and have the drive to follow it through and convince those around you that it’s going to work.

Creativity, drive, the ability to absorb information and make judgements based on the evidence are important qualities every influencer must have. The biggest influencers are often those who lead with consistency, insistence on the highest standards and openness to innovation make them stand out. They are the kind of people who can quickly assess what will or will not work and whose judgement is widely respected beyond their immediate colleagues and has a resounding impact on the wider industry.

Mel Taylor ,  CEO ,  Omnico Group

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