Miguel Quintana Pali

An architect by trade, Miguel Quintana Pali has built up one of the most signifcant and arguably sustainable tourist offerings on Mexico’s Riveria Maya.

The Xcaret eco-tourism destination opened in 1991. Today it comprises a collection of experiences including a waterpark, ziplines, snorkelling, sea trekking, dolphin encounters, stalactite caves and various beachside and riverside recreational activities. Cultural attractions include a replica Mayan village with artisans at work, museum and the Gran Tlachco theatre.

Xcaret remains a hotspot for visitors to Cancun, yet thanks to the diversity of experiences on offfer and the way in which they are presented, it never feels like it is over-exploiting its rainforest surroundings.

The company has ambitipus plans in the hotel market and recently announced it would be creating its seventh theme park, Xavage.