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    Clip ‘n Climb

    Clip ‘n Climb offers an entertaining and fun activity for the entire family. With its unique look and use of TRUBLUE auto belay devices, Clip ‘n Climb makes climbing easy, reassuring and fun.

    With the Clip ‘n Climb clipper system guests can climb any challenge on their own and still be safe, with the system suitable for everyone from age 4 and up.

    From climbing the Rope through to taking the Leap Of Faith, Clip ‘n Climb Challenges offer unique and extraordinary experiences. With their different shapes, vibrant colours and variety of textures, no Challenge is alike. For those looking for continuous improvement, the Challenges have different levels of difficulty to push guests harder.

    • 15 years of Adventure
    • 1st World Leader
    • 300 Clip ‘n Climb facilities open

    From New Zealand to fifty countries around the world

    In 2005, Clip ‘n Climb invented the recreational climbing concept and created a business model in Christchurch, New Zealand by appealing to all ages and ability levels.

    Since then, we have developed the brand internationally through its range of evolving challenges each year. This success story based on quality and innovation has now reached more than fifty countries in a range of location types* including:

    • Trampoline park
    • Service station
    • Hotel
    • Supermarket
    • Mall
    • Ice rink
    • Leisure facility
    • Golf club
    • Hotel
    • Family Entertainment Centre

    * The minimal height for the building is 6m40.

    Clip ‘n Climb is looking for enthusiastic business people wishing to join their international brand. The facilities are an opportunity for a healthy investment and give customers a unique and memorable experience.

    Why Clip ‘n Climb?


    Our Challenges attract many groups, such as birthday parties or business seminars, it can optimize an attraction’s operational hours to fill up the schedule. Many visitors can’t get to the top of every Challenge, so leave wanting to improve, and therefore it is easy to build repeat customer loyalty.


    An owner’s manual is provided with the different strategies that can be adopted (HR, ­management, marketing) already experienced by all operators. Training is also provided at the end of the installation for safety but also customer and team management relationships.

    Marketing and Community

    Clip ‘n Climb provides all the marketing tools needed (logo, business card templates, customer tools, examples of advertisements…).and also creates websites that include an online booking system if needed.


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