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Marine Aquarium Conference of Europe 2018

Graafsebaan 133, 5248 NL Rosmalen, Netherlands
The biggest marine aquarium conference of Europe. In honour of the 45 birthday of the Antwerp Marine Aquarium Society (AZAC45) we organize, together with Vivarium and De Jong Marinelife, the biggest marine aquarium conference of Europe. The conference will be held in the Netherlands. Activities include:
  • Biggest marine aquarium event in Europe
  • More than 2000m2 Marine aquarium exhibition
  • Presentations and Top Speakers
  • Meet & Greets at the A.Z.A.C. booth
  • Raffle at the A.Z.A.C. booth
  • Beautiful show tanks
  • Fragswap
  • Product demonstrations
  • Beside the marine aquarium conference you also can visit the entire Vivarium show (> 10.000m2 aquarium and paludarium show)
Discover our exhibitors and speakers on this website. We hope to see you at our Marine Aquarium Conference of Europe.

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