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What is Digital Now?

14 mini-events taking place Oct-Nov 2022.

Oct. Tuesdays–Wednesdays–Thursdays + Nov. 9–10

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Acknowledging the immense hardship and recalibration we’ve all had to endure over the past year, we invite you to consider “What is Digital Now?” This question encompasses the anxiety and uncertainty of the present while making space for curiosity and generative possibilities around how the future for digital technologies might look in museums.

What’s new this year?

  • MCN 2021 VIRTUAL will take place throughout October on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays + November 9 and 10. 
  • 14 mini-events organized by tracks, each focusing on a specific practice area.
  • Each mini-event will be about 3 hours long.
  • 4 Global Region Spotlights each exploring ‘What is Digital Now?’ from their unique regional perspective: Asia/Pacific – Oct 6 (Oct 7 in that region) + Middle East/Africa – Oct 13 + Europe – Oct 20 + Latin America – Oct 27.   
  • Networking and social events + SIGs Roundtables will be scheduled separately.

Why attend MCN 2021? 

  • Connect with Community: now more than ever, we need community. Experience fun after-hour events, grow your network, and be inspired by each other. 
  • Explore New Ideas: sessions range from digital workflow, to museum unionization, to Animal Crossing. Whether the ideas are new or new-to-you, learn and reframe your thinking.
  • Retool Your Skills: for museum workers in transition, build your skill sets as you explore new ways of connecting people with information. 
  • Invest in the future of museums: people, not institutions, are the future of museums. Take this time to invest in your own future as you learn new skills and connect with brave ideas that will transform the sector.
  • Expand Your Horizons: for the first time ever, MCN will highlight 4 key global regions: Asia/Pacific, Middle East/Africa, Europe and Latin America. Hear museum practitioners from each region tell us ‘What is Digital Now?’ means to them from their unique vantage point.

More about what’s on in October

  • October 5: “Get Inspired’ day: Welcome + Plenary Keynote + Ignite MCN
  • October 6: workshops + Regional Spotlight: Asia/Pacific 
  • October 7: Leadership & Strategy
  • October 12: Business Models & Financial Sustainability + Capacity Building
  • October 13: Regional Spotlight: Middle East/Africa
  • October 14: Interpretation, Storytelling & Education
  • October 19: Ethical Responsibilities of Museums
  • October 20: Regional Spotlight: Europe 
  • October 21: Experience Design & Immersive Technologies
  • October 26: Why Museums?
  • October 27: Regional Spotlight: Latin America 
  • October 28: Professional Development + Cultural-Futures Awards ceremony

Then in November

  • November 9: ‘Big Ideas’ day + Karaoke 
  • November 10: ‘Learnings’ day: ‘What Have We Learned?’ Panel + Closing Keynote

Other sessions

  • SIGs-led ‘Lunch Bag Roundtables’ on various topics will be available throughout October
  • Networking sessions and other social events will be offered throughout the conference
  • MCN 2021 VIRTUAL dedicated Slack channels will be available for side conversations throughout the conference


Email: or call (888) 211-1477 extension 802.

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