The Ocean Project to host webinar on COVID-19 and zoo & aquarium visitors

Image courtesy of Texas State Aquarium

The Ocean Project, the largest network advancing ocean conservation around the world, will be hosting a special webinar entitled “How COVID-19 is Impacting Intentions to Attend Zoos and Aquariums – And What Will Make Visitors Feel Comfortable Visiting Again.”

The Ocean Project is pleased to announce this special addition to its regular webinar series, presented by IMPACTS Research & Development. It will take place on Friday 8 May at 2 pm EST and will look at how zoos and aquariums can adapt to a post-COVID-19 world, building trust with guests and encouraging them to visit once again.

While the webinar is geared towards institutions based in the United States, it will also include insights that can be applicable to operators in other countries too.

Maximising attendance on reopening

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, zoos and aquariums across the US, and indeed the world, have been forced to close their doors. During this time, IMPACTS has been collecting a range of data, looking at people’s intentions to visit cultural institutions, what type of attraction might see greater demand when reopened, and what measures people say would make them feel safe again.

During the webinar, IMPACTS will share its findings, in order to help zoos and aquariums form plans to maximise attendance once they open their doors to the public once again. IMPACTS is a global leader in predictive market intelligence and related technologies. The Ocean Project has used data from IMPACTS to inform its opinion and market research for many years.

The Ocean Project also provides a monthly webinar series on effective visitor engagement for conservation advocacy and policy. In addition to this, it also hosts a new webinar each month by young people, for young people.

After the success of World Oceans Day 2019, the organisation is gearing up for this year’s event, which takes place on 8 June 2020.