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Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom

Angkor revolutionizes the traditional interactive boat ride by creating a winding, mysterious path through a lost jungle. The hidden path of an interactive boat ride is a new concept introduced with the ride. Just enough of the ride is shown from the main walking path to intrigue and excite guests, but the rest remains a surprise until they’re on the boat and deep within the hidden jungle.

Guests embark on their three-phase adventure from a beautiful, Angkor Wat-inspired temple. The ride path guides them through a lush jungle, where they meet numerous creatures along the river’s shores. They then encounter a native village in the second act, inspired by river villages throughout Thailand, where they’re challenged to blast a variety of characters and targets with water. In the third and final act of the 300m adventure, the course doubles back in close proximity, and guests are flooded in an all-out water battle with the other boats.

Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom is a two-time winner of Europe’s Best Family Ride from the European Star Awards.

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