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Aquafury is a thrilling water slide attraction specifically designed and suited for use in ‘dry parks’. Guests take their seats in a raft, holding on tight to the handles, and are launched down a steep slide as they skip and dip along the torrent of water catching air with each bump. As they reach the bottom the raft skids along Astroturf slowing them down, before guests can hop out with their raft and do it all over again.

The Aquafury is available with 2 or more straight slides with the possibility of adding a range of tube slides including a ‘black hole’ – a dark, twisting and disorienting tunnel, where guests experience the ride in complete darkness.


– Aquafury 2 lanes
– Aquafury 3 lanes
– Aquafury 4 lanes
– Aquafury Viper 2 lanes + 1 tube
– Aquafury Python 2 lanes + 2 tubes

– Boat return conveyor system to transport the boats from the ‘stop area’ to the start position.

All options are supplied with the required number of 2 seats inflatable boats.

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