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Interlink LG Ltd

Interlink provides fun and entertainment through the provision of high quality, affordable attractions backed by superior customer service.

Interlink provides fun and entertainment through the provision of high quality, affordable attractions backed by superior customer service.

The Interlink Group was founded in 1982 by John Hudd with the express purpose of designing and manufacturing a range of high quality, water based attractions for amusement, theme and water parks. With this philosophy in mind, the company has since developed a variety of water rides to suit a wide range of customer requirements, including those such as the Rapid River, Shoot-the-Chute and Panoramic Tower attractions.

But it is the principles behind this philosophy which make Interlink stand out. Our vision was and remains, two-fold – to design and manufacture exciting and entertaining major attractions for all types and size of park while at the same time being able to adapt these to specific customer requirements and budgets. Many examples of how Interlink has successfully applied this ideology can be found in operation throughout the world and it is a way of thinking that has proved a winning formula time and time again in what is today an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The design and manufacture of the rides, however, is just one part of the overall service customers can expect to receive from Interlink. The company offers a full turnkey service to clients, be it for the production and installation of a single ride or the development of a complete park, ensuring every stage of a project can be catered for, from design to completion.

The list of services available includes:

  • Park design
  • Ride design
  • Ride manufacture
  • Installation
  • Staff training
  • Ride brokerage

Interlink’s customer base is extensive and covers various types of facility while extending to all areas of the world. With such a wide range of attractions on offer, the company is able to cater to the requirements of amusement and theme parks, water parks, shopping malls, family entertainment centres, visitor attractions, cultural attractions and others.

To date, the company’s products are to be found worldwide, including countries such as the United States, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Finland, Tunisia, Spain, Denmark, Japan, UK, France etc …

Custom rides

One of Interlink’s greatest assets is being able to produce attractions custom designed to suit individual requirements, something it has been doing since its inception. Each facility is unique and as a result attractions must be designed and built to fit into specific areas. From the initial site visit, through the design and production stages right up to the commissioning of a ride, the company’s project managers work closely with the client to ensure each aspect of a development is completed precisely as intended – in addition to being on time and on budget.

Each year Interlink’s directors and staff travel extensively throughout the world in order to maintain contact with customers and to ensure they keep abreast of the latest developments within the industry. This policy also enables the company to remain up-to-date with the latest technological advances applicable to the amusement ride business, knowledge which is then applied to Interlink’s new and existing attractions, ensuring customers in turn receive the best possible service and operate the latest innovations in ride technology and development.

Additionally, Interlink has a significant presence at all the major trade exhibitions and events held around the world each year, maintaining a high international profile as befits a company of its stature and prominence within the industry.

Chargrove House, Main Road, Shurdington, Cheltenham, GL51 4GA, United Kingdom
+44 1453 836265


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Chargrove House, Shurdington GL51 4GA, United Kingdom

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