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Water Battle

Water Battle is an interactive and playful water attraction for all the family based on a themed river ride.

Boats leave the station and are transported along the channel by the water current. Each boat has a back-to-back seating arrangement and is equipped with a water cannon for each guest. The aim for guests is to squirt as much water at neighbouring boats passing by, along with spectators watching around the ride, while they try their best to avoid the direct fire from other cannons.

Water Battle’s appeal is further enhanced by targets integrated into the theming for guests to fire at and water cannons set around the circuit for spectators to shoot at boats, as well as various water effects along the ride, such as:

  • Water curtains which stop just before the boat passes
  • Waterfalls which cascade down on both sides of the water channel

Options available

  • Circular boats
  • Boats capacity 4, 6, 8, 10 passengers
  • Boats themed to client’s requirements

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