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Shoot the Chute

The Shoot the Chute Ride features a large and free floating boat travelling throughout a water circuit, generally oval in shape with a lift to a maximum height of 30 metres.

There are only a few seconds for the passengers to enjoy this fabulous point of view as the boat turns through approximately 180 degrees before its breathtaking descent.

It finally hits the water in the run-out trough, where it is controlled, creating a spectacular splash.

A water reservoir is constructed around the run-out trough which must be of a sufficient size to catch the splash, thus returning the water to the system.

A bridge or platform positioned next to or over the splash zone can be integrated into the attraction, providing some additional interest for spectators getting wet from the splash produced by the boats.


The boats are constructed in GRP using woven rovings in the lay-up and a reinforced bow section for maximum strength and durability. 10,12,15,20 or 25 seat boats are available.

Themeing options can be discussed with client.

All the designs feature our FANTAIL BRAKES™ giving smooth progressive braking and limiting the amount of water that falls on the passengers.

The elevator system is a chain drag type driven by an electric motor through a reduction box positioned at the top of the elevator.

An electrical control system provides automatic starting and shut down facilities and also monitors the safety provisions during operation.

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