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“Big-O Unified Ocean”, 2012 Yeosu International Expo, South Korea

World premiere of the largest water curtain ever built. Discover the exclusive and breathtaking “cascade screen”®.

ECA2 designed, created and produced the spectacular nighttime show.
The BIG-O, icon of the Yeosu Expo site.
By day: a giant sculpture that will remain long after the Expo as a symbolic landmark. 
By night: the centrepiece of a unique show that embraces Expo Yeosu 2012’s themes.

Our dedicated show control system synchronizes hundred of special effects, creating an immersive show that plunges the audience into the heart of a sensory and immersive narrative show.

ECA2’s mission: turnkey project, concept, design, creation, project development, artistic and technical production, detailed design of the O structure, show control, supply of equipment, production, follow-up, installation, supervision, rehearsals and training of local operators.

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