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ECA2 is a creator and producer of spectacular experiences

ECA2 is a creator and producer of spectacular experiences

We create unforgettable memories through multi-sensorial experiences. Crafted from art and technology pushed beyond every limit. From resident shows and one-night sensations to Olympic ceremonies, that spotlight a destination, city or country. At ECA2, we go further to make you stand apart.

With ECA2, your dream goes far beyond the limits of the imagination. With unequalled passion we break new ground to make a moment last a lifetime. With dazzling stories, technology, and artistry, we connect people and emotions to places.

Over the past 35 years, we have successfully performed more than 70 bespoke spectacles across the globe for Olympic ceremonies and sporting events, world expos, indoor pavilions, theme parks, high-end tourism Destinations, mixed-use areas, hotels and casinos, public places, etc…

Currently, you can enjoy 9 of our resident shows running every evening across 5 countries.

178 rue de Courcelles, 75017, Paris
+33 1 83 75 80 80


  • "Lake of Illusions", OCT Happy Valley, China, 2016

    "Lake of Illusions", OCT Happy Valley, China, 2016

    Where poetic storytelling meets offbeat architecture. Lake of Illusions is a permanent nighttime spectacular built at the heart of Happy Valley amusement park in Shanghai. This exciting attraction is a symbol of modernity and an icon of contemporary culture. By day, the tower is a soaring inspirational sculpture standing out in every dimension. It’s a […]
  • "Fountain of Dreams", Wuyishan, China, 2015

    "Fountain of Dreams", Wuyishan, China, 2015

    If anybody needs another excuse to visit one of China’s most beautiful world-heritage regions, this is it: “The Fountain of Dreams”, the world’s first multimedia waterfall-theatre extravaganza. A nighttime spectacular designed to bring the spectator inside the action and where technical innovation meets ancient storytelling. A triumph over technical challenges: special effects gadgetry concealed within a cantilever roof,  a […]
  • "Circle of Light Festival", Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 2012

    "Circle of Light Festival", Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 2012

    ECA2 designed and produced a unique 3D-mapping show for the second edition of the “Circle of Light Festival”. In this nighttime spectacular revolving around a gigantic sphere,   a vast new array of technical means was showcased to express light as energy, light as life. Projected stars, light beams, washes, projections, mist, lasers and pyrotechnics, all surrounded […]
  • "Mangrove Groove", OCT Bay, Shenzhen, China, 2011

    "Mangrove Groove", OCT Bay, Shenzhen, China, 2011

    Every evening, up to 5, 000 spectators can celebrate the return of the birds in this momentous decor dedicated to the mangrove. The ECA2 team was selected to design and produce a new 38-minute permanent water show. It took 28 months to create the world’s largest aquatic stage, which covers an area of 5, 600 […]



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178 Rue de Courcelles, 75017 Paris, France

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