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Lake of Illusions, OCT Happy Valley, China, 2016

Where poetic storytelling meets offbeat architecture.
Lake of Illusions is a permanent nighttime spectacular built at the heart of Happy Valley amusement park in Shanghai. This exciting attraction is a symbol of modernity and an icon of contemporary culture.

By day, the tower is a soaring inspirational sculpture standing out in every dimension. It’s a true 360° icon that dominates its setting and intrigues the park’s visitors with its 32 meters high and 15 degrees of inclination.
By night, the landmark transforms into a spectacular multimedia feast for the senses combining architecture, light, sound, video, water and dazzling effects.

The world’s first multimedia tower is that place between Heaven and Earth where anything is possible. Through a magical interaction between technology, architecture and a captivating story, we witness an impossible and fantastic new reality. It’s a poetic tale inspired by China’s storytelling traditions.

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