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Hurricane 360, DOF’s newest ride is a 4-seat model, 6-Axis Motion Ride with 360-degree rotation capability, which makes it a 7DOF. The ride uses specially designed Shoulder Harness Coaster Seats. It is compatible with VR, Dome and Flat screens.

Here are some of the prominent features of our Hurricane 360:

  • New 2019 Model Themed attraction: Suspended 6DOF with 360 rotation
  • Fiberglass Shoulder Harness seats with additional belt locks
  • Regenerative Servomotors
  • Motion control unit
  • 6 sensors for each axis
  • Special Effects including Water, Rain, Airblast, Fog and Snow devices
  • VR, Dome or Flat Screen options
  • 2.1 Sound System Quality
  • VR or 3D Ride movies
  • Attraction control unit
  • Spare piston, Spare cable set and other spare parts available

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