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Immersive Tunnel

Dynamic, totally immersive attraction that takes sensory and physical simulation and stimulation to a new level!

Here at Simworx the Immersive Tunnel is one of our most innovative and popular attractions that truly creates a real sense of adventure, excitement, fun and plenty of thrills!

Throwing you right into the action using our 4D Cinematic software and films created by our brilliant software team in house, each experience feels as real and personal as the last. Riders take their seats on a ‘tram’ styled simulator that can be designed to fit 30, 60 or 90 seats! With physical platform drops, dynamic motion, water, air and much more thrown your way, it is an experience like no other that all the family will remember!

The impressive 3DOF motion base is highly dynamic and revolutionary along side the 360° 3D film projection it is an unrivalled attraction within the industry. Our dinosaur themed immersive tunnel is a brilliant example of how this technology really brings the unbelievable to life with animation including Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops running along side you giving you a feel for the real Jurassic Park!

We have different themes for our immersive attractions that add to the experience and the latest is the Pirate themed Adventurer designed with Jora Vision named Piratas de Bacalar. We have big plans for the future of this attraction and aim to raise the bar in all aspects!

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