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    Simworx Ltd

    Simworx has emerged as one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture and development of 3D/4D based attractions for the entertainment, education and corporate markets world-wide. 

    Its skills and capabilities extend from product development, manufacturing and service support, to film content, motion programming and complete themed attractions.  Our clients have access to a vast film library, with hugely varied subject content and Simworx also offer bespoke projects which enables clients to have a fully personalised attraction.

    Simworx is one of the few companies in the business that actually manufactures its own products in house, therefore the customer can be assured of unparalleled quality, with highly approved manufacturing quality accreditations.

    Simworx also offers unrivalled product support through its team of dedicated service engineers, who can provide worldwide support 365 days a year! Simworx have installed attractions in the UK, Europe, USA, Africa, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.


    Simworx’s range of 3D/4D dynamic simulation attractions & 4D effects cinemas are designed to offer total flexibility and to integrate smoothly in to any venue or creative concept, with our clients’ requirements at the very heart of the planning and right through to installation.

    Excitement, suspense & surprise are just some of the emotions experienced by riders of Simworx award winning attractions.  Utilising the latest in technology, combined with the finest film content, ensures that the ultimate cinematic entertainment can be delivered to almost any type of attraction.

    4D Effects Theatres

    Simworx are able to offer clients a genuine turnkey solution, with any number of seats & layouts. 3D films – either from our extensive library or custom produced – combined with our 4D effects seats create the ultimate 4D cinema experience.


    The Stargazer is a highly dynamic 6DOF, 8-seat motion theatre. With its futuristic styling and dynamic motion, the Stargazer combined with an amazing range of effects is guaranteed to be a hugely popular attraction for any operator.


    The Cobra is a highly dynamic 25 seat motion simulator available with custom theming options. Provided with multiple units in full turnkey solutions, the Cobra is supplied with surround sound audio and a HD/2K or 4K 3D projection system utilising a selection of flat or curved screens.

    Immersive Tunnel

    This dynamic, totally immersive attraction takes sensory and physical simulation – and stimulation – to a new level! An adrenaline inducing adventure that will excite, thrill, scare, and enthral in equal measures, the Immersive Tunnel is one of Simworx’s most innovative products.

    360° Flying Theatre

    Simworx has partnered with MONDIAL – one of the leading amusement ride manufacturers in the business, bringing an all new range of technologies together for a breathtaking new attraction. The Flying Theatre enables the rider to experience unique movements during a movie being played on a huge dome screen.

    Mini Flying Theatre

    An innovative and very accessible product that requires less space than our 60 seat 360 Flying Theatre. Simworx’s Mini Flying Theatre enables 20 riders per cycle to experience unique movements perfectly synchronised with a movie being played on a 1/4 dome screen.

    AGV Dark Rides

    Get ready for the ride of your life… Simworx’s new range of AGV (Automated Guidance Vehicle) Dark Rides take the genre to whole new levels. No tracks and no power cables, and with an acceleration of 0.3G that is unrivalled within the industry.

    Immersive Adventurer

    A former favourite now given a high tech upgrade. Simworx’s Immersive Adventurer enables 16 riders a cycle to experience exhilarating motion during a ride, whilst a movie is played on ‘windows’ surrounding the vehicle.

    Paradrop VR

    ParadropVR is a fully immersive attraction that combines dynamic physical movement with free roam VR content. Both the physical and virtual game play is 100% controlled by the user for a totally unique and realistic flying experience.

    Immersive Superflume

    An adrenaline inducing adventure that will excite, thrill, scare and enthral in equal measures, the Immersive Superflume is the latest innovative product to come from Simworx and Interlink.

    Metro of Time

    Step on board the ‘Metro of Time’ and travel through time’s forgotten ages. This state of the art motion simulator ride takes visitors on a trip of a lifetime through four time zones, as they embark on a safari through Prehistoric lands, before exploring Ancient Egyptian tombs to find lost treasures, on a Medieval quest to save a princess and a ruthless chase through the Old Wild West.

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