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Log Flumes

The Flume is an ever-popular amusement ride classic loved by the whole family. Consisting of boats that travel along water channels designed specifically to accommodate your site requirements. Interlink’s flume rides are fully customisable in terms of layout and theming so you can have a unique experience tailored to your attraction.

A typical ride layout navigates winding troughs at different elevations and includes one or more lifts that utilise a conveyor system that transports boats to the top of each lift before they plummet at high speed downhill to create that picture-perfect splash, thrilling and soaking guests all at once. Thus, providing a refreshing ‘cool down’ experience to guests on a hot summer day while onlookers observe in wonder, before the boats finish their journey and return to the loading station via the remaining section of the water channel.

Each boat can accommodate up to 5 or 6 passengers seated in a row, one behind the other and is guided by small wheels on the bottom of each log. They also feature safety handles and rubber bumpers.

Learn more about our range of flumes on our website here.

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