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Moving Masterpiece, Singapore

The Singapore Expo played host to a huge digital rendition of a 1,000 year old scroll, legendary throughout China.


A way to delve into the historical context and themes of the work was needed quickly, in seven Asian languages.


We scripted and produced an audio guide in seven languages and two versions in time for the Expo.


We delivered the project in 12 weeks, ensuring that 4,500 MediaPackers™ were on-site ready to serve up to 20,000 visitors a day.

Key Points

  • Universal distribution serving 20,000 visitors a day
  • Fast turnaround content development
  • Content created in six Asian languages
  • Multiple-level multimedia tour
  • Marketing, retail and brand support
  • Logistical training
  • Ability to update content and upload quickly and efficiently
  • On-site support

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