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    Imagineear Ltd

    Creative Vision, Technology and Digital Experiences

    Imagineear designs and builds robust audio and multimedia equipment for culture and attraction clients around the world.

    We create and deliver innovative content experiences and apps, as well as advising on client’s projects. We are leaders in hand-held devices and have developed our own technology to offer a wide range of solutions for attractions.


    We are experienced in advising our clients on upcoming projects or existing ones, from delivering onsite secret shopper services to assessing client intellectual property rights for mobile delivery and commercial exploitation.

    We can advise on:

    • Tour Planning
    • Exhibition Planning
    • Installation Planning
    • Marketing
    • IP
    • App Advisory
    • VR / AR
    • Exhibition Design
    • Visual Recognition


    All successful projects contain a great script, careful planning and clarity in the user experience. We can provide a turnkey solution for your project. We can also complement your team by filling the gaps, for example in sourcing and recording professional translations of an existing text.

    • Scripting
    • Editing
    • Studio
    • Audio
    • Music
    • Video
    • Design
    • Translation
    • App Development
    • VR /AR
    • Exhibition Design
    • Visual Recognition


    We design and build our own multimedia and audio technology platforms, so we can keep them focussed and simple, adapting them to the rigours of a repeat rental environment, whatever the location. Our players are easy to maintain, tough, and work all day. They collect data from your visitors and search automatically for content updates. Because we design the hardware and software from scratch we can make sure they are maintained and working, day after day.

    • App Management
    • App Sales and Marketing
    • Assurance
    • Data
    • Hardware Design
    • Hardware Servicing
    • Site Installation

    Imagineear Technology

    Our three diverse products, the MPtouch Interactive™, the MediaPacker™ and DigitalGroupGuide™, offer a wide range of solutions for attractions and museums needs.


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