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Palace House: National Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art, Newmarket

Built for Charles II, Palace House was opened by HM The Queen in late 2016 as the new centre housing the National Gallery of Sporting Art, the National Horseracing Museum and the charity, Retraining of Racehorses.

This prestigious site, both in the palace and its surrounds, is complex, with three different aspects of horseracing represented in one venue that opened to the public in stages. With such diversity of subject matter, the challenge for Imagineear was to help engage visitors of all interests and ages. While weaving together this eclectic mix of attractions, with the wide-ranging content of historical interest, art and live horses, we were tasked with encouraging visitors to explore all areas, and to return in the future.

Five productions were designed and delivered on Imagineear’s 5 inch MPti™ touch-screen devices, providing an engaging bespoke interface to captivate visitors.

What We Are Proud Of
At Palace House, where the sporting art collection is displayed, we created a classic, rich and immersive multimedia tour reflecting the importance of the galleries. An additional family tour employs the dramatis persona of Charles II galloping around on his horse as well as interactive games based on selected paintings.

Adult and children’s tours were built for the National Horseracing Museum, to work with, and support, the racing artefacts, interactive displays, audio-visual projections and ambient sound in situ. We used image recognition both here, and in the Retraining of Racehorses yard, to trigger footage.

A separate tour was created for the first temporary exhibition on site, hosted by the Centre’s sponsors, Tattersalls.

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