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Play Mart International – introduction

 Transform your location into a fantastic and breathtaking World

Play Mart International is one of the most recognizable brands for family entertainment centers and indoor playgrounds in Europe. Its background indicates more than 20 years dedicated to design, production, installing and maintenance of soft play structures. Play Mart`s main responsibility is to allow children and their families to have fun in a safe environment. Their product range is constantly growing, so they can meet any need without making any compromises with materials used in their projects.

 Family Entertainment Centers constantly evolving

Family entertainment centers strive to maximize family fun and provide new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy. The best way to describe a FEC in once sentence would be – “Small amusement park marketed towards families with small children or teenagers”. FECs include an incredible wide range of entertainment options; still there are several that stand out: Trampoline Parks, Playgrounds and brand-new TAG Interactive Arenas.

Play Mart designs, produces and installs the best playgrounds for FECs while taking into consideration the clients’ needs and expectations with particular attention to available space and budget. An effective layout with a playground, party rooms, food, etc. and a customized business plan are essential elements for the success of any FEC business.

 The Good Old Playgrounds

Playgrounds are basically very well-known everywhere around the World. The ultimate classic “maze” with a bunch of bridges and big slides. They can use a dedicated 2D or 3D theming or not, based on the clients’ taste. The most common themes are Jungle Trip, Space Exploration and Castles. They can be attractive not only for children, but for their parents as well.

Every playground is custom-made and modular-based, so it can fit your place easily. Play Mart International has installed thousands of play structures worldwide. Nowadays, playgrounds can be found in so many interesting places, including airports and cruise ships. They are no longer a saved territory only for the malls and big shopping centers as it was in the past.

Trendy today

Trampoline Parks have been conquering Europe during the last several years. They are growing popularity like an avalanche and it is not a secret to anybody. Thanks to innovative technology, strategic design, pure fun and balance between fitness and joy, they practically have no age restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you are going with friends, bring your family with you or you are just passionate about parkour and wall running.


Play Mart International is one of the biggest providers of these type of adventure parks in Europe. Trampolines can bring life to any area eager for action. Some installations have an interactive game and a light solution which will make your park more attractive to children and adults.

“New kids from the block”

The newest addition to Play Mart product list is TAG Interactive Arenas. Introduced during the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 as an exclusive partnership between iPlayCO and TAG active. Targeting kids and adults, this arena-based game is designed to test your strategy, speed, agility, awareness and bravery.

The Arena itself contains a complicated structure of inter-connected activity areas. Each area consists of challenges that require a mixture of physical and mental agility. The arena is split into separated zones, permitting enhanced player distribution and capacity management.

These Arenas includes 3 different courses:

  • Nonlinear obstacle course: a creative blend of physical obstacles and challenging events mixed with fun and immersive activities that make up multilevel and multi-zoned arenas;
  • Modular wall challenge obstacle: creative obstacles for players to move across, over, under or around to progress along the wall, gaining difficulty and time points as they progress;
  • Vertical climb tower: timed vertical obstacle that players must climb up and descend in the quickest time possible.

Play Mart International has evolved but always pursuing new horizons, trying to be one step ahead of its competition and one step closer to its clients, keeping high standards and making no exceptions about the quality of the final product. Their success is based on safety efficiently using space, modularity and after-sales service. They offer innovative, custom-designed and high-quality playgrounds, capable of attracting families and encouraging return visits.

Play Mart provides the shortest path to turnkey solutions for almost every family entertaining center. Combining legacy and new technologies, alongside its creative and experienced team, Play Mart offers the perfect mixture for the foundation of your dream project.

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