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Razorback – the first Mountain Coaster in the Philippines

Under the motto “Can’t be done, doesn’t exist” the first Mountain Coaster was built by Sunkid in the Philippines this year. The track of the Mountain Coaster extends over a length of 609 m.

Corona (Covid-19) posed challenges for both the operators of the Dahilayan Adventure Park and Sunkid. However, thanks to good cooperation, a strong team and precise planning, the project was successfully completed this year after all.

Despite the difficult times, the Razorback Mountain Coaster brings a smile to the faces of Adventure Park guests, whether they are families or adventurous action junkies.

One of the reasons for the excitement is that the speed can be adjusted. Those who like adventure can whizz down the monorail at up to 40 km/h. If you prefer a more leisurely ride, you can apply the brakes at any time and enjoy the lush green of the Dahilayan mountains to the full during the ride. You will also pass some curves and waves on the descent, which make the ride even more varied and exciting.

When designing the track, the operators gave a lot of thought to the design and were able to create something great. They have succeeded in making it feel as if you are gliding down a gorge or on a second level down the mountain. They achieved this effect by adapting the terrain (by building embankments or stone walls) and by successfully integrating the railway into the jungle.

Fun Fact: The Mountain Coaster is called Razorback (engl. wild boar) because there were many wild boars in the area where the track is located.

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