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Sunkid park with roller coaster


Sunkid is a leading provider of attractions for the entire family. From single attractions to the complete turn-key implementation of leisure facilities Sunkid offers a wide range of products and services.

Sunkid is a leading provider of attractions for the entire family. From single attractions to the complete turn-key implementation of leisure facilities Sunkid offers a wide range of products and services.

With more than 9,000 realised projects in more than 70 countries worldwide Sunkid represents the highest quality and reliable service. As the global market leader for person conveyors for outdoor use Sunkid offers a proven range of solutions for ski resorts, theme parks, water parks and museums.

Sunkid Family Rides

Sunkid family rides & amusement world represents memorable experiences for the entire family. In the amusement, water park, playground, or at any tourism destination the broad Sunny Amusement line offers a wide range of ways for people to spend their free time or holidays. Rides, attractions, smart transport solutions and much more are waiting for you and your guests at the Sunkid Amusement World.

Our family rides have been inspiring children and families around the world for more than 40 years. Our rides have a simple operation with a low space demand and high levels of interactivity.

The Mountain Coaster

The summer toboggan run is part of the Sunkid world.

Our summer toboggan runs are among the most-frequently sold Mountain Coasters world-wide. Since 1996 more than 50 coasters have been installed in many countries around the world.

The unique monorail system of its summer toboggan runs with its unique riding dynamics is the trademark of the Mountain Coaster. Its sophisticated build makes it particularly cost-efficient and easy to take down again.

The low weight of the toboggans also permits simple mountain transport, even using existing infrastructure such as T-bar and chair lifts, as well as cabin lifts. This not only clearly reduces construction costs, but also permits year-round use of existing infrastructure.

Further benefits of the Mountain Coaster, as compared to other systems, are its particularly sustainable and environmentally compatible construction and maintenance of the entire system.


Have adventures, enjoy nature and design your experiences

Exciting adventures, relaxed moments in nature and memorable experiences: all of this is reflected by Wood’n’Fun. For more than 20 years, Sunkid has been supporting alpine tourism and recreational destinations with innovative solutions and sustainable products. Following this tradition, we design and implement playing equipment, seats, adventure and experience worlds and much more for your guests and you. There is no limit to your wishes and ideas.

Together with our renowned partners, we convince by maximum quality, wood from sustainable local production and long experience.

Moving Carpet for Waterpark

As a global market leader in the area of person conveyors for outdoor use, Sunkid is offering a new generation of conveyor solutions for tubes and boats.

The new generation of Sunkids Moving Carpet for waterparks is made up of a modular system for inclinations of up to 90°. Based on the know-how of 22 years in construction of outdoor conveyors (snow, rain, temperature fluctuations, etc.), the system has now been adapted and optimised for sliding aids in water parks.
The Sunkid waterpark conveyors can be used for tubes and boats of any size thanks to its different widths and customer-specific lengths. It can be used with or without persons riding along.

Amusement Technology

The activity of Sunkid-Amusement Technology includes several fields of work. One focal point is the production of components, spare parts and assembly groups for the leisure industry. These include, for example, running wheels for roller coasters, chassis or spare parts. We mainly see ourselves as a service provider and sub-supplier for the renowned providers of complete systems.

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  • Catch me if you can - a Butterfly for Hungary's largest indoor playground!

    Catch me if you can - a Butterfly for Hungary's largest indoor playground!

    On the occasion of its 10th anniversary the FEC “Elevenpark” in Budapest invested in a renewal of its offer. The Butterfly from Sunkid was in the first place. The Elevenpark is Hungary’s largest indoor playground with about 150,000 visitors per year. On an area of more than 3,500 m² (nearly 38,000 square feet) it offers […]
  • The World's Largest Wood Experience Sphere

    The World's Largest Wood Experience Sphere

    40 meters high, 50 meters in diameter and weighing about 800 tons: these are just a few of the incredible key figures of the gigantic project at the Steinberg Lake. Sunkid and Almholz have been an outstanding duo for years. After many successful projects to look back on, Almholz was now able to implement a […]


    Since the summer season of 2020, the new Cobra has been a source of great enthusiasm not only for the visitors of Conny-Land in Swiss Lipperswil, but also for park manager Roby Gasser. The new Sunkid train has several improvements and innovations to offer. The Conny Land in Lipperswil not only is the largest theme […]
  • Razorback - the first Mountain Coaster in the Philippines

    Razorback - the first Mountain Coaster in the Philippines

    Under the motto “Can’t be done, doesn’t exist” the first Mountain Coaster was built by Sunkid in the Philippines this year. The track of the Mountain Coaster extends over a length of 609 m. Corona (Covid-19) posed challenges for both the operators of the Dahilayan Adventure Park and Sunkid. However, thanks to good cooperation, a […]


  • Sunkid Mountain Coaster - Borsec

    Sunkid Mountain Coaster - Borsec

    At a total length of 1,440 metres, with 575 metres used for mountain transport and 865 metres for the downhill run, the Borsec Mountain Coaster is one of the longest summer toboggan runs Romania has to offer. The small town of Borsec with its 2,500 residents is about 50 kilometres to the west of Durau. […]
  • Sunkid Tower - Dream Island in Moscow

    Sunkid Tower - Dream Island in Moscow

    Sunkid Family Ride in the heart of the Dinosaur Land. Mowgl is already waiting for you! Dream Island is the first in Russia and also the largest year-round indoor theme park in Europe. It awaits everyone who believes in magic. The park consists of nine different worlds and in each one you will meet famous […]

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