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Since the summer season of 2020, the new Cobra has been a source of great enthusiasm not only for the visitors of Conny-Land in Swiss Lipperswil, but also for park manager Roby Gasser. The new Sunkid train has several improvements and innovations to offer.

The Conny Land in Lipperswil not only is the largest theme park in Switzerland but has also been the park with Europe’s largest linear roller coaster for a decade. At a length of about 215 metres, the 42-metre-high, slightly overhanging drop tower, a looping, two camelbacks, and the scorpion tail, the Cobra truly is one of a kind. It is unique world-wide in this form. Originally built by PAX, the roller coaster with a track width of 900 mm received an entirely newly developed train for its tenth anniversary. From the first inquiry to the final TÜV approval, the train from Sunkid Heege was developed to Conny-Land’s wishes and handed over to the customer after only two years. The new Cobra stands out with several innovations and improvements that clearly emphasise the special status of this roller coaster once again.

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