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Saturn V – A Complete Immersive Dark Ride Solution

A thrill-packed voyage through deep space—your starcraft spinning, dodging and weaving among planets, asteroids and other cosmic surprises as you take the ultimate trip to the magnificent and mysterious rings of Saturn!

The world-class attractions that people talk about—the ones that have truly enduring appeal—all have one thing in common: they create vivid, transporting experiences. They use immersive environments and fascinating stories to engage simultaneously the hearts, minds, and senses of guests. More than passive observers, guests become active participants in the story. These are the attractions that capture patrons’ imaginations and bring them back for more.

When guests board the ride itself, they are blasted off on a high speed thrill ride on a state-of-the-art spinning coaster through a dazzling dark ride environment that simulates a trip through our solar system using physical sets, lighting, special effects and 540 degree environmental projection. On their journey to the rings of Saturn and back to Space Command, guests spin and whirl, soar and dive around planets, through asteroid fields and glittering starscapes—even crashing through the heart of a crystalline comet along the way! Not only does Saturn V treat riders to an unforgettable experience, but the freely rotating motion of the cars means no two journeys are the same, adding a special element of repeatability for guests. There’s always more to explore!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturn V soon!

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