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Raven Sun Creative, Inc.

Through executive consulting, experiential design, destination development, and intellectual property expansion—we’re your global go-to resource for creative, technical and operational solutions— always pushing to reach your potential.

Raven Sun Creative—The Transformational Experience Firm—Do It Better

Together, let’s enrich lives through transformational human journeys. Let’s partner to create experiential entertainment and immersive brand stories that touch hearts and elevate minds—giving you the power to transform yourself and your business into a global leader.

Whether you’re seeking executive consulting, experiential design, destination development, or intellectual property expansion—we’re your go-to resource for creative, technical and operational solutions— always pushing to reach your potential. Let’s partner together. Let’s do it better.

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Executive Consulting

  • Serve as owner’s representative and executive consultant
  • Guide solutions to major challenges
  • Evolve business unit vertical integration efforts
  • Develop project lifecycle strategy and implementation
  • Recommend and assemble project team resources via global network
  • Train and mentor teams on best practices, processes, standards, benchmarking efforts, and take-aways
  • Provide creative direction and evolve corporate branding
  • Coach and guide the integration of creative intent and technical systems
  • Supervise project vendors, production, installation, commissioning, and turn over

Experiential Design & Destination Development

  • Conceptualize major projects
  • Develop innovative immersive experiences
  • Maximize impacts of chosen creative, budget, and operational solutions
  • Lead architectural design and space planning
  • Develop transmedia content
  • Facilitate on-site project management
  • Manage asset production
  • Support development and monitoring of project budget

Intellectual Property Expansion

  • Lead ideation for intellectual property growth
  • Evolve brand adaptation for success in the experiential entertainment market
  • Develop licensing program and advise on licensing model
  • Build strategic growth plan and business models for target markets
  • Establish brand approval and show quality assurance programs
  • Facilitate design reviews and drive productive interface between brands, owners, and vendors
  • Conduct global introductions to owner, manufacturer, supplier, and talent community
2539 Route 29 Middle Grove, NY, 12850, USA
+1 518 937 2007


  • Laff TrakkSM – Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

    Laff TrakkSM – Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

    Raven Sun in partnership with Hersheypark is proud to announce the development of LaffTrakk SM. The first indoor, spinning, glow-coaster in the United States. Inspired by iconic Hersheypark Fun Houses, LaffTrakkSM , spins riders through an eye-popping adventure of sights and sounds complete with glimpses of colorful characters including classics like Laffing Sal plus an […]
  • Hengdian World Studios – Dongyang City, China

    Hengdian World Studios – Dongyang City, China

    Raven Sun has just completed conceptual design for 4 major immersive media dark rides and an epic stunt spectacular for Hengdian World Studios, the world’s largest film production site and leading movie producer in Asia. In addition to being the “Hollywood of China”, Hengdian World Studios is home to 7 major theme parks, including full-scale movie set replicas of […]
  • Ultra Tower ™ - An Immersive Media Drop Tower

    Ultra Tower ™ - An Immersive Media Drop Tower

    Raven Sun in partnership with Intamin is proud to announce the development of the world’s first Immersive Media Drop Tower, Ultra Tower Patent Pending. Epic adventure awaits on this ground-breaking attraction where the thrills of space exploration, time travel, distant worlds, and aerial dog fights are all within easy reach. Incredible guest experiences, affordable cost, and small […]
  • Saturn V – A Complete Immersive Dark Ride Solution

    Saturn V – A Complete Immersive Dark Ride Solution

    A thrill-packed voyage through deep space—your starcraft spinning, dodging and weaving among planets, asteroids and other cosmic surprises as you take the ultimate trip to the magnificent and mysterious rings of Saturn! The world-class attractions that people talk about—the ones that have truly enduring appeal—all have one thing in common: they create vivid, transporting experiences. […]


  • Raven Sun Creative - Reel

    Raven Sun Creative - Reel Here is the Raven Sun Creative Reel. Raven Sun Creative would like to thank all of the great people involved with bringing these exciting projects to a reality including the Raven Sun Creative team, our corporate partners, client teams, contractors, manufacturers, and all of the other talented
  • UltraTower

    UltraTower Introducing the Patented Ultra TowerBy Raven Sun Creative and Intamin Amusement Rides.
  • Laff Trakk POV Video

    Laff Trakk POV Video Laff Trakk POV Video .


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2539 Route 29, Middle Grove, NY 12850, USA

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