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Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects

Invite your guests on an inspirational journey at Nature Connects®—an award-winning exhibition of art displaying the work of artist Sean Kenney, known for his incredible ability to create striking sculptures using simple LEGO® toys. This record-breaking outdoor exhibition will surprise and delight visitors of all ages.

Nature Connects displays the work of acclaimed artist Sean Kenney—known for his incredible ability to create striking and expressive works of art using simple LEGO toys.

The larger-than-life sculptures in Nature Connects present a playful spin on traditional sculptural art—making it accessible to guests of all ages and backgrounds. Using the beloved toy bricks as a medium, Nature Connects begs the question: just as LEGO bricks interconnect, how is our natural world interconnected? As guests marvel at Sean’s gravity-defying and astoundingly precise structures, they will become inspired to explore their world in new ways. From the miniature majesty of a bonsai tree to the quiet serenity of a Koi fish; from the delicate suspension of a hummingbird on the edge of a flower to the ferocity of a fox on the hunt—Sean’s art sparks a joyful sense of wonder in those both young and young-at-heart. At times whimsical, gripping, and awe-inspiring, the exhibition will inspire budding artists, ecologists, and builders to dream big!

Nature Connects has been driving attendance at botanical gardens, zoos, arboretums, and science centers around the world since 2012, and now Imagine Exhibitions is proud to be touring five sets of this popular show.

Contact us today to bring this amazing, attendance-boosting collection of sculptures to your outdoor venue!

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