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Super Flume

The Super Flume is the perfect ride for all the family with all the attractive features of a standard log flume but with a side-by-side seating arrangement for a more interactive experience.

A typical Super Flume layout navigates winding troughs at different elevations and includes one or more lifts that utilise a conveyor system that transports boats to the top of each lift before the final scream-filled plunge down into the splash pool, which guests continue to love and is guaranteed to thrill and soak guests on-board. While onlookers peer over in amazement at the almighty splash it creates. Thus, providing a refreshing ‘cool down’ experience to guests on a hot summer day, before the boats finish their journey and return to the loading station via the remaining section of the water channel.

This highly adaptive ride can be installed indoors, to create a captivating dark ride, or outdoors, for a wet and wild river adventure – or a bit of both. With flexible layouts and elaborate theming and decor throughout, the Super Flume is a truly stunning attraction that is an essential theme park staple.

Interlink’s standard version of the Super Flume uses 6-seater boats, 3 rows of 2, made in GRP with surrounding rubber protection and security handrails.

Find out more about this product and the rest of our portfolio on our site here.

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