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TAG Interactive Arena

What is Tag Active?

TAG Active is a fast paced, fun, strategic and physical interactive challenge.

The game is played within an arena made up of many different events, challenges and obstacles. There is no sequence to how the events must be played, competitors can take on whichever obstacles they choose or prefer.

Hidden or strategically positioned within each event are different coloured light boxes, called transponders. Each colour represents a different points value.  The harder to find or reach the higher the number of points. The aim of the game is to reach as many transponders and collect as many points as possible.

Before entering the arena, each competitor is given a wristband specifically allocated to them. When the wristband comes into contact with a transponder the coloured lights on the transponder change to a green tick, this signifies that points have been collected.

Located within the arena is a giant scoreboard, this is constantly changing as the game is in progress. It shows the players names, how many transponders they have hit and how many points they have collected.

After collecting the points from one transponder it will not let collect points from it again, until you have hit at least 10 more different transponders, then you can return to the original and collect its points again. If you hit a transponder and a green tick appears you have collected the points, a red cross denotes no points collected, or the end of the game.

There is no maximum score. Using skill, strategy and route planning there will always be the possibility you can beat your score on your next visit.

When you leave the arena there is a giant scoreboard above the exit, this will display the current scores, the best score of the day and the all-time best score. If you are playing in a group by all using your wristbands to tag at the reception desk you will receive a printout of just your group’s scores.

The wristband is yours to keep, it’s a symbol you completed and survived the course. The next time you visit the arena, it will recognise you and make it easier to check in. It will also keep track of any credits you have purchased in advance.

New games will be introduced into the arena, coming soon a capture the flag team game will totally change the way you play. So be ready!






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