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The Royal Observatory Greenwich, London

Globally-famous, the Royal Observatory Greenwich is the home of the Prime Meridian of the World – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and attracts over 3/4 million visitors a year from the UK and overseas.

The existing multimedia tour conveys complex subject matter and high usage rates. The visitor route requires flexibility as it sometimes needs to change as well as incorporating indoor and outdoor areas. These demands called for a player which is robust and intuitively easy for both staff and visitors to operate.

The team at the Royal Observatory Greenwich has chosen Imagineear’s tried and trusted MediaPacker™ devices, with operational support to deliver its tour. Four hundred MediaPackers™ were supplied with updated content in six languages, including Russian and Mandarin, all in less than one month. Our MediaPacker™ devices are designed and built by us, specifically for use in this kind of environment. The simplicity of these devices and our TourBuilder™ software means that we can also support the ongoing need for updating content and changes to the visitor route.

What we are proud of
An upgraded, easier experience for visitors to the Observatory and for staff managing the visitor tours delivered in a two week time frame.

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