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Themeparks and Resorts

Themeparks and Resorts

Dreamwood Park is located within Mriya Resort & Spa located in Yalta, Russia. This 4 Hectares theme park originally started out as a children’s play area.

As the park evolved, Scruffy Dog Creative Group were contacted by Creative Director Chris Lange to bring in our Design expertise. Scruffy Dog delivered the masterplanning, concept design & development, schematic and detail design for the five themed areas within the park; Forest, Air, Sea, Mountain and Tree of Adventure.

The result was an environment that reflects the ancient landscape of the area. Interspersed among the tall trees of the landscape are stranger looking trees, giant plants, vines, and flowers. Together these features form a magical land that envelops the rides and attractions.

In 2018 Dream Wood park won the Golden Pony award in relation to the design, theming, and choice of attractions, which contributed to a unique and inspiring guest experience.

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