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Miguel Quintana Pali Grupo Experiencias Xcaret blooloop 50 theme park influencer list 2018

Miguel Quintana Pali President/ CEO Grupo Experiencias Xcaret

Since opening in 1991, Miguel Quintana Pali’s sustainable tourism project has welcomed over 50 million guests. Xcaret, based in Cancun on Mexico’s Mayan Riveria, offers a unique mix of archaeology, culture, ecology and entertainment.

Visitors can choose from a collection of experiences including a waterpark, ziplines, snorkelling, sea trekking, dolphin encounters, stalactite caves and various beachside and riverside recreational activities. Cultural attractions include a replica Mayan village with artisans at work, museum and the Gran Tlachco theatre.

Over the next eight years, Grupo Xcaret plans to invest $400 million in five hotels and a new theme park. He’Elel Riveria Maya will be an eco park with adventure sport offerings including hiking, biking and kayaking.

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