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Nicolas de Villiers CEO Puy du Fou

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Nicolas de Villiers, CEO of French theme park Puy du Fou, established a second park in Spain last year. Starting with a nighttime spectacular, Puy du Fou Espãna will be expanded in 2021 to include a theme park with a further four shows.

The launch of Puy du Fou Asia in China, proposed for 2025, is the next step in de Villiers’ plans to turn Puy du Fou into a global brand. As he told Blooloop recently, the US is likely to follow. Yet despite such global expansion, de Villiers retains an active role in the production of each and every performance back in France.

Founded by his father Philippe de Villiers in 1976, Puy du Fou offers a unique form of live entertainment. Its shows tell historical tales on a massive scale. Large casts of people and animals perform alongside imposing sets and special effects. Each year over 2 million people come to be wow-ed at the park’s relatively remote Vendée department location.

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