AV++™ Webinar Series: LookingGlass Concierge

This webinar was presented on May 26th, 2020 by Mad Systems Inc. This webinar and demonstration presents and shows a demo of LookingGlass Concierge, which is an advanced AV++™ system designed to improve customer experiences and provide better customer service in larger venues including themeparks, museums, retail, and sportstadiums. The webinar is hosted by Brandy Alvarado, followed by a live demo in the Mad Lab with Jessica Bill. We conclude with the Q&A session from our live webinar with Brandy Alvarado fielding questions along with Mad Systems founder, Maris Ensing. This webinar is the fifth in a series featuring our AV++™ technologies. You will find the other webinars from this series on this playlist, or on our website, www.madsystems.com.