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Big-O Show, Yeosu International Expo 2012, South Korea

ECA2 designed and produced the nighttime show during the Yeosu Expo 2012.
It was so successful that ECA2 was asked to transform it into a permanent show with a host of extra surprises. The new immersive multimedia show offers yet more content, including fountains, flames, lights and lasers in an even more amazing show over 45-minute show (instead of 15 minutes). 
A small octopus called Moonkey plays different musical genres such as pop, rock, electronic and world music with innovative special effects. 
So that spectators can continue to enjoy Yeosu Expo’s hugely successful water show, ECA2 has kept the previous version of the show in the second part called “Unified Ocean”. ECA2 is proud to have designed the “O”, the giant structure, the symbolic landmark of Yeosu, and its “cascade screen”®. With this world premiere, ECA2 invented the largest water curtain ever built.
The spirit of Yeosu Expo 2012 lives on with this signature nighttime show!

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