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Embed Hygiene Defence | Innovating Sanitation

What happens when a global pandemic hits? Sanitation is imperative, especially when toxic cleaners are used… Healthcare is exhausted and hospitals are at capacity. How will you protect your business? Research shows that customers emerging from the pandemic are only going to places they perceive as clean and safe. This is forcing business owners to implement stricter cleaning protocols. But the accelerated cleaning pace equals higher chemical exposure with higher health stakes, and the risk of a business going up in flames (literally).

You don’t need harsh chemicals to get results. We’re the proof. Elevate your hygiene standards with Embed Hygiene Defence products. Stronger than harsh industrial cleaners without the toxic health risks:
1. Kills 99.9% wide spectrum pathogens, including airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and more… it purifies the air!
2. Made to last for 4 hours on surface areas (airborne defence 24/7 protection over 30 days)
3. 100% Natural Active Ingredients. Safe for use on all food prep and eating surfaces.
4. Non-toxic. Safe for children and families. Embed Hygiene Defence product line-up is the absolute game changer, providing the best uncompromised protection to the industry’s employees and guests.

Experience The Embed Hygiene Difference today.…

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