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Round table – Dynamic pricing in the leisure industry – A good idea?

Do you think that cultural and tourism providers should optimise their pricing during peaks and lows like hotels and airlines?


Are you familiar with the concept of dynamic pricing? The purpose of this pricing strategy is to meet the real demand of your customers with prices that are calculated according to your data. It allows you to adjust prices in real time based on various industry-specific factors such as demand, weather forecasts, peak hours, days of the week, time remaining before an event, traffic on your website, etc.

The cultural and tourism sectors have been undergoing a lot of changes in the last 20 years, which are now exacerbated by COVID-19. More than ever, providers need to manage their stock efficiently to accommodate for capacity restrictions. But is dynamic pricing a short-term fix or a real industry shift?

Listen to our webinar to hear from industry experts debating the issue, the pros and cons, share customer feedback and answer all of your questions.

List of speakers 🚀

1. Torsten Reifenberg from Fraport Skyliners – a professional basketball club

2. Davy Jansegers from Lausanne Tourism – promotion of the destination of Lausanne

3. Damien Fulbert from the Swiss Vapeur Parc – a miniature park operating 1/4 scale real steam locomotives

4. José Ignacio Sanchez Butragueño – Senior leader in the hospitality & leisure industries

5. Ian Tidswell from een Consulting – B2B pricing experts

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