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Smeetz is the smartest all-in-one ticketing software for leisure and cultural providers to leverage your data and become a pricing strategy master. Learn more at




Increase your online sales with dynamic pricing.

Powerful ticketing solution

Through our ticketing solutions, capture additional revenue and launch products faster by selling memberships, dynamic packages, merchandising and much more from an all-in-one solution. Increase your customers’ average basket value through cross-selling and upselling, as well as growing customer satisfaction.

Increase your sales and align your marketing strategies with vouchers, product bundles and promo codes. You can combine your products with those of external partners too.

Unlike hotels and airlines, cultural and tourism providers do not have an integrated solution to optimise pricing during peaks and lows.


Matthias Leroy, data scientist at Smeetz

Dynamic Pricing with Smeetz

Dynamic pricing allows you to adjust prices in real time based on various industry-specific factors such as demand, weather forecasts, peak hours, days of the week, time remaining before an event, traffic on your website, etc.

With your wealth of data, you can implement dynamic pricing strategies to optimise your sales and better manage your limited capacities — start simple with A/B testing of various pricing models and move on to a model with artificial intelligence.

By optimising your pricing with predefined dynamic pricing strategies, you can secure early bookings, increase attendance on low-demand days and grow your ticket sales by 15%.

Data analysis

Our powerful analytics tools turn valuable insights into winning strategies that help you develop your business.

Track data in real-time to learn insights across your business. Use our forcast analysis tool powered by artificial intelligence to forecast additional revenue generated by your pricing strategies and test out different price factor combinations to find the optimal strategy for each product.

Expand your reach with multi-channels

Capture visitors and sell directly from your own website. All you need to do is install Smeetz’s booking widget to start recieveing online bookings anywhere anytime. Our software is optimised for all devices and website and can be personalised to reflect your brand identity.

Engage with more customers and sell your offers simultaneously on all the major OTAs and distribution platforms of your industry — and do it from a single platform.

CRM and email automation

Your customers are at the centre of everything so turn your audience data into insights that will guide your marketing campaigns.

Get to know your audience and work smarter not harder when it comes to your marketing. Collect data, target the right communities and build relationships to grow your business.

Collect data automatically from all booking sources in our integrated CRM. Import and export data with ease and search for information as well as real-time attendee lists for each of your products.

Integrations, staff and apps

With Smeetz sales, bookings, inventory, scans and integrations are all in the same platform, you can save time and cut down your administrative burden.

Day-to-day tasks like booking, tracking and reporting can be automated, to save your team time.

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